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Patients Comments

“Several Implants. Never pain, never problems”

Here is my story: Some 15 years ago (give or take a few), Dr. Orzech told me that he was doing implants. As a new patient, I had my doubts, so I said: “Convince me”. Dr. Orzech said: I just did an implant the last week for my mother-in-law.
I replied: “drill away”.

Since then, I’ve had several implants put in, never a pain, never a problem, and I keep coming to your office driving from Oakville, which is definitely not next door.

Thank you.
Best regards,

Michael Sava

Challenges of bringing dental care to the homeless

Recently, Matthew and I had been chatting (in those moments between probes, mirrors and retractors) about the importance but also the challenges of bringing dental care to the homeless. So when he challenged his patients to contribute to Ve’ahavta for his practice’s anniversary, I willingly gave. But then he and Shawna gave me an opportunity to see things for myself by inviting me to join them on a stint on the Ve’ahavta van.

‘Opening your eyes’ is such a cliché, but that is exactly what spending that afternoon did for me. We brought food, clothing, and supplies (socks were a big request) to people living in streets, ravines and parks I know very well – as a walker, hiker, even as a visitor to arts events. And yet, on that bitterly cold afternoon, I met people I had never really taken the time to see and talk to before. As Amit, the generous and gentle social worker, said to us, it’s like we live in the same world, but in different dimensions.

Not everyone lived rough, but so many depended on the van. Some of them shared stories about kids and grandchildren and former lives; some retreated and wanted privacy. With the cold coming on, we worried for them, and yet independence and choice can’t be imposed on.

And one of our last visitors to the van brought me back to where my conversations with Matthew had started. She took toothpaste and toothbrush and was proud of her dental hygiene in difficult circumstances. I realized how many homeless there are, and how truly difficult it is to provide options for them.

Matthew and Shawna were inspired to do more and are planning a sock drive at the offices. I understood how truly privileged most of us are and submitted an application to volunteer more regularly with Ve’ahavta. Even more of our help is urgently needed.

Susan Cohen

“My regular appointment with the hygienist was very much enjoyable”

Good Morning,

Yesterday (June 17, 2015) I had my regular appointment and the Hygienist was Jianna (sorry if the spelling is wrong). She went out of her way to address my concerns, taking the time to explain and give me helpful suggestions. She was very informative, knowledgeable and made me feel at ease the entire time. Jianna went above and beyond and I would like to send a special thank you to her. It’s great to see someone who’s truly passionate about their job and great at making the appointment very much enjoyable.

Thank you again Jianna and I look forward to my next appointment.

Thank you,
Sarah Kenny

“They didn’t use needles. They had another method of getting the tooth numb!”

Hello, my name is Vanessa Ford. I was a patient of Dr. Orzech as was my father Phil Ford.
I loved going to the dentist! He used to tell me that they didn’t use needles, that they had another method of getting the tooth numb! I had no idea I had actually gotten a needle. I also remember the photo on the wall of Dr. Orzech performing dental surgery on a tiger!
Many years later I went to school to become a Dental Assistant. I was very fortunate to be able to do my two-week co-op at your office! Dr. Orzech really taught me a lot. He was so patient with me.

I also got my teeth cleaned and had a filling done while I was there, thank you Dr. O. (That’s when I realized he really had used a needle to freeze my tooth, but was so gentle I couldn’t tell!)

I had such a marvellous time and i am grateful to have been taught by such a warm, kind and down to earth dentist! A memory I shall cherish always!

Thank you! Vanessa Ford

Dr. Matthew Orzech & Associates
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