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Dr. Matthew Orzech & Associates celebrated their 20th year anniversary and marked the occasion by organizing a fundraising program “Keep Smiling”.
About The “Keep Smiling Program”
Dr. Orzech partnered with Ve’ahavta (a Jewish Canadian humanitarian and relief organization that assists the needy at home and abroad) to support the dental needs of homeless individuals in our community, through the Mobile Jewish Response to the Homeless (MJRH) Outreach Van program. The goal was to raise $2,000 to sponsor 4 outreach van shifts. For every $1 donated by our patients, Dr. Orzech matched the contribution. Contributions helped provide toothbrushes and toothpaste to the homeless and demonstrated community support. Donations featured in our in-office “Tooth Wall” and in the website. With the generosity we received, we exceeded our fundraising goal by 230% and raised a total of $4,610 towards our “Keep Smiling Program”. We were enabled to sponsor 4 outreach van shifts.

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